3 Canal Delivers Musical Planass

Source – Trinidad Express

Date Published – Wednesday 6th February 2013

Writer – Verdel Bishop

“Planass”: To beat someone with the broad side of a cutlass. Rapso group 3Canal and their band, the Cut+Clear Crew, shared planass galore Sunday night, at Queen’s Hall in St Ann’s. The powerful trio targeted various social and political issues using their music as their weapon. They dealt severely with issues in defence of the oppressed, distressed, wounded and downtrodden — their aim was to raise the consciousness of the people through Planass, their tenth show.

Starting at around 6.05 p.m., a pre-show featuring talented youths from the Tall Man Foundation, set the tone for the concert — from youngsters like Mogabi Thomas who performed “No War” to Omari Ashby who closed the pre-show with “We Multiply”, the pre-show provided a dynamic opening for an action packed concert. A dramatic production featuring the competence of actors Cecilia Salazar, Arnold Goindhan, Penelope Spencer and Conrad Parris charged the energy of patrons, leaving them in fits of laughter. And while there was a lot to laugh about during the dramatic production, there were various underlying issues which were highlighted.  Following the pre-show,(Click to read the rest of article)