8th Annual Vintage Fuh So Concert Hits the Stage January 18

Source : Sunday Express

Published: Dec 31, 2012

In the midst of all the revelry, wanton feting and the cultural explosion that we call Carnival, one event always brings a moment of calm to the commotion and serves as a celebration of and tribute to the great musical legacy, which has given rise to all that we know and love today. Now entering its eighth year with the seventh presentation, the annual “Vintage Fuh So” concert event is hosted by the Holy Name Convent Past Pupils Association (HNCPPA) as a fundraiser for their alma mater.

“This association was founded in 1937,” explained its president, Lisa Burkett. “So we’re celebrating our 76th anniversary and honouring the TrailBlazers of Calypso at the event. We believe that the Calypso art form is akin to the lifeblood of the festival itself and regardless of the current trends in the fetes, the masters of the art form must be honoured and celebrated during the festival. Vintage Fuh So is the place where our greats come and perform each year and are celebrated and appreciated by all.”

Under the theme of “TrailBlazers”, four legendary acts will grace the stage at Queen’s Hall in St Ann’s on January 18. These acts are: 1986 quadraple title winner and Calypso veteran, David Rudder, multiple Calypso Queen and Calypso Monarch winner, Denyse Plummer, “The Disco Daddy”, Lord Nelson and The Mighty Trini.

In the early 80s, Robert Elias aka “The Mighty Trini” defied the status quo and blazed his own trail to become the first calypsonian of Syrian descent in Trinidad and Tobago. Son of late Syrian business magnate, Nagib Elias, “Trini” had been a calypso lover for many years, before he entered that artistic arena. As a young boy, he admits he washed cars and saved up his coins to purchase a cuatro.

“I went by SaGomes on Frederick Street and bought a cuatro for $13,” he recalled. “My father nearly killed me – is my mother that saved me!”

Elias got his break over 25 years ago as a member of the cast of Sparrow’s Young Brigade, which was then based at SWWTU Hall in Port of Spain. He had his first big hit in 1986 with “Soca Yuh Woman”, which he described as “a clean dirty song”, filled with double entendre. The following year, he recorded “Curry Tabanca” – which remains one of his biggest hits to date. The song was performed by Trinidad All Stars in the National Panorama Finals and while Elias himself made it to the semi-finals of the National Calypso Monarch several times, his only trip to the final came in 1994 when he performed, “Who Is Who” and “Dat Ent Calypso.” He has produced several hits over the years, including: “Curry Tabanca,” “Sailing,” “Jadoo” and “We Are the Citizens.”

Tickets for “Vintage Fuh So 8” cost $275 and are available now from HNCPPA Committee members. Interested parties can log on to the HNCPPA page on Facebook, or call 681-5335, 687-9250, 723-7370 or email hncpastpupils@gmail.com for more information. Part proceeds will be donated to the Holy Name Convent Past Pupils Scholarship Trust Fund.