A healthy dose of fun- Express Review

Date Published: Monday 28th October, 2013
Source: Daily Express

“The Ministry of Health in collaboration with Carvalho Productions held a two-day children’s theatrical production called Fun, Facts and Fantasy making Trinidad and Tobago a healthier place at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s on October 15. The production looked at the importance of healthy eating, proper nutrition and caring for your body. It also touched on other issues such as bullying, peer pressure, swine flu and obesity; using humour as one of the main vehicles to get their message across. The large crowd — consisting of mainly children — laughed to their hearts content. CEO and founder of Carvalho Productions, Fareid Carvalho said, “The Ministry decided to do this since childhood obesity and childhood diabetes have been increasing rapidly right here in Trinidad and Tobago. They felt that instead of just pamphlets and books, this production would create a better outlet to communicate to kids, parents and families the important information needed in adapting a healthier lifestyle.”Some of the main characters included the Mad Hatter, Lion, Dorian, Grass hopper, Carl and Marsha.” Please Read Article Here.