“An arising in Dance” at Queen’s Hall

Newspaper: Newsday
Writer – Angela Pidduck
Date Published: April 4th 2016

THE Metamorphosis Dance Company celebrates its 21st Dance Season with “Arise” from Thursday to Sunday, at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s.

Says artistic director, Nancy Herrera, “It’s a season of all brand new choreography, except two pieces from the late Claudia Applewhaite, who passed away on January 31. Claudia made significant contribution, not just to the dancing but to the dancers development as young professional women so we are acknowledging Claudia’s contribution and doing two of her more successful pieces.

Nicola Johnson will perform Circle Song and Shari Rhyner is the dancer for R’Adar bach, which is choreographed to Celtic Folk — the music named the song. Both of these pieces were created as audition pieces for dancers to get into performing arts school to pursue the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and morphed into theatrical performances on stage.


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