“Blue Forever” at Queen’s Hall

Newspaper: Newsday
Writer: Julien Neaves
Date Published: February 5th, 2017

IN 1997, J’Ouvert band turned singers 3canal were thrust into stardom because of the mega success of their song “Blue” and the creative accompanying video.

This year the rapso group is celebrating an impressive two decades in the music business and looking at their beginnings and future. Sunday Newsday spoke with the band members, Wendell Manwarren, Roger Roberts and Stanton Kewley at their theatre/art gallery/event venue Big Black Box in Woodbrook. The trio was first asked to reflect on the success of “Blue”.

“I feel very proud. Proud is the word. Because to have survived 20 years is no mean feat. And to have the kind of response we’ve had over the years is really encouraging. I mean it’s been up and down but generally I think it has been an incredible journey so far,” Manwarren said. Roberts recalled that when they did “Blue” they had no idea the impact the song would have had. “It took us by complete surprise. And even today performing the song is such a joy because people still enjoy the song like it was fresh,” he added.

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