Box Office FAQs

In order for the Ticketing System to work and function effectively, only staff assigned by Queen’s Hall will have access to the Box Office. As you would appreciate, it may not be feasible to allow any client representatives simultaneous access to the Box office for security and financial accountability reasons.

Clients are required to pay a fee of $1,000.00 plus VAT for this system. This fee is targeted to cover the administrative expenses of running and staffing the Box Office and is payable simultaneously with the rental fee for the venue.

Additionally, there will be a cost of $1.11 plus VAT per printed thermal ticket. For full colour tickets, there is a cost of $2.25 plus VAT per ticket. These costs relate strictly to the cost of ticket printing and not the use of the Box Office.

Upon confirmation of the number of tickets to be printed, a quotation will be prepared by the Business Operations Assistant and sent to the client for approval.

Upon the client’s acceptance of the ticket sample, the tickets will be printed. Once the tickets are completed and upon delivery to the client, the final invoice will be issued for payment. This invoice can be paid before the client’s event or deducted from ticket sales upon the client’s approval.

Additional ticketing costs

Clients who wish to use an external ticket printer for full colour artwork and utilise Queen’s Hall’s Box Office, there will be a flat cost of $0.50 per barcode which would be sent to the client’s print company

Clients who do not have a graphic artist and desire simple tickets (words only), there is a charge of $400 for artwork

For rush order jobs (1 day printing) there will be a charge of $250 per 750 tickets (or part thereof)

In the event that a show is cancelled, for which tickets have already been sold, The client will be responsible for notifying patrons about refunds. Queen’s Hall would be willing to assist clients to have the refunds collected at the Queen’s Hall Box Office. If clients have collected part of the funds from ticket sales, they will be responsible for the provision of funds to facilitate the refunds to Patrons. Clients will be required to sign a release of liability form once funds have been released to the client before the event.

Queen’s Hall has carefully selected our Box Office staff and have put systems in place to minimize any such occurrences. However, in the event of such incidences Queen’s Hall has established a performance bond which will cover any funds that may have been compromised

The Operations Coordinator, Business Operations Assistant and senior management (e.g. the General Manager and Operations Manager) will be the only administrative members of staff with access to client sales reports.

Currently, we utilize a two-tier system of Open and Special Reserved.

The Box Office will be opened from 10am to 6pm Mondays to Saturdays and from 12noon to 6pm on Sundays and public holidays. On show days there operations are extended up until one hour after the start of the show. If a client requires the Box Office hours to be extended beyond this time frame on event days, an additional charge will be included on a per hour basis.

  1. Clients can have tickets available for sale as early as one month before their event at the Box Office.
  2. There is no need to hire and pay staff to operate the Box Office. Producers can now concentrate on the technical aspects of their productions.
  3. A fixed price for printing of tickets which reduces price fluctuations.
  4. Clients still have the ability to distribute tickets to their various stakeholders such as Retail Outlets of their choice, choir members, cast etc, which allows clients to manage the funds generated from these avenues of ticket sales.
  5. Access to ticket funds from one source within 2-3 days after event

Queen’s Hall’s Operations Coordinator guides clients through the process and to address any concerns raised.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. At least 8 weeks before an event, The Operations Coordinator meets with the client to discuss printing requirements and to get full information on the event which includes :
    • different seating categories e.g. VIP, General, Reserved etc;
    • seating plan (are there different seating areas assigned);
    • ticket prices (will there be specials or discounts attached to various ticket purchases);
    • sale of tickets via Box Office only or through QH Box Office and client’s Retail Outlets;
    • client bank information for transfer of ticket funds after the event, or information on how funds are to be transferred
  2. The Client will submit the artwork graphic and all necessary ticket information, such as date and time of event, price for tickets etc. to the Operations Coordinator and a ticket sample will be prepared for client’s approval.
  3. Once the Client approves the electronic template of the ticket sample, it will be uploaded to the Ticketing System.
  4. Based on prior discussions with the client, the total number of tickets needed would be batch printed and distributed according to the request of the client. Queen’s Hall will issue an invoice to the client for payment of printing of tickets. This payment is to be settled before the event.
  5. Purchase of tickets at the Box Office is via cash or LINX only.
  6. Clients are also to provide all information on the event such as summary/description of the event, type of show, performance dates and times etc. which will be used by Box Office Staff when attending to members of the public.
  7. Patrons will be granted admission to Queen’s Hall’s events after their tickets are scanned as part of the welcoming process executed by Queen’s Hall’s Ushers at the events.
  8. Within 2-3 days after the event, the Business Operations Assistant will prepare a final sales report and all funds will then be transferred to client’s accounts via direct deposit. Payments can also be made to clients via cheque upon request for this facility.

Based on the concerns and feedback from our clients since the piloted implementation of the Box Office Solution System in 2015 by an external provider, Queen’s Hall has since sourced its own software solution and is now solely responsible for provision and administration of the system.

Queens Hall’s Box Office Solution includes the following features:

  1. Management of the Box Office
  2. An advanced ticketing system that includes:
  3. Printing of customized tickets for all ticketed events.
    • Sale of tickets at the Box Office through cash and debit card (LINX) facilities.
    • Access to ticket funds from one source within 2-3 days after events (alternative special arrangements available on case by case basis)
    • Online ticket purchases