General Information

Accepted Methods of Payment

Currently all payments are processed securely via Visa or Mastercard.

Your data is encrypted before it is sent to the bank by industry-standard encryption techniques. If you choose to store your credit card details for faster check out on another occasion, your details will be securely stored on your personal device. After payment is processed by the bank, you will be returned to the Queen’s Hall’s website. If your card was successfully processed, your ticket confirmation information will be sent to the email address you provided. At no time in the payment process, do we capture any of your payment information.

Billing Information Verification

Orders are processed only after a billing address, and other billing information, has been verified. If you provide incorrect billing or credit card account information for a ticket order, it can delay processing of your transaction. In these cases, Queen’s Hall’s customer service will attempt to contact you, using the information provided at the time of purchase. If Queen’s Hall is unable to reach you after its initial attempt, Queen’s Hall may cancel your order and may sell your tickets to another customer without further notice.


All ticket prices are quoted in Trinidad and Tobago Dollars (TTD). However, all international online ticket purchases are quoted in US Dollars and are subjected to the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

Credit Card Charges

Your credit card will be charged when you place your order. If we are not able to fulfill your order for any reason your credit card will be refunded and you will be notified.

Receipt of Tickets

Please read your online, email confirmation pages carefully, as they provide you with important information about retrieving your tickets that may be unique to the particular client hosting the event at Queen’s Hall. Please remember to bring your confirmation email with the barcode to the Queen’s Hall’s Box Office at least one (1) hour prior to the start of the event in order to collect your pre-assigned tickets. It is your responsibility to ensure you remember to bring the printed confirmation email.

Failure to Redeem Tickets

Failure to redeem tickets at Queen’s Hall Box Office one (1) hour prior to the start of the event will result in loss of ticket, no entry and no refund.

Cancelled and Postponed Events

Very rarely an event may be cancelled or postponed by the client. Should this occur, we will attempt to contact you to inform you of refund or exchange procedures for that event. For exact instructions on any cancelled or postponed events, please stay tuned to the media for updates (radio, newspapers, television and Queen’s Hall’s Website) or contact Queen’s Hall’s Box Office. If you purchased a ticket online through Queen’s Hall’s Website and a refund is issued, then Queen’s Hall will reverse the charges to the credit card that you used to purchase that ticket. Should the refund be requested anytime after the date of the event, you will be required to seek relief directly from the producer of the event rather than Queen’s Hall.

Queen’s Hall only offers refunds and/or exchanges based on the instructions of the producer of the event. In order to receive a refund or an exchange that may be offered, you will have to comply with the producer’s instructions or deadlines, which, along with the decision about whether or not to issue a refund or an exchange, may be at the producer’s discretion.

In the event that Queen’s Hall has to issue a refund for a ticket, the refund will be for the ticket’s face value paid (or, if a discounted ticket, then instead the discounted ticket price paid). Under no circumstances will the convenience fee be refunded. If a refund is issued, it will be issued typically but not always, using the same method of payment that was used to purchase the tickets. Queen’s Hall will not be liable for travel or any other expenses that you or anyone else incurs in connection with a cancelled or postponed event.

Ticket Refund/ Exchanges

In accordance with our Terms of Service Agreement, Queen’s Hall does not offer refunds or exchange on tickets purchased on our website if purchased for an incorrect event. Before purchasing your tickets, we urge you to confirm the event/show/production of choice, the time of the event/show/production and seat of choice. Policies set forth by the producers of events generally prohibit Queen’s Hall from issuing exchanges or refunds after a ticket has been purchased or for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets. If for any reason your ticket is lost/stolen or damaged, a replacement fee will be charged for the reissuing of tickets.

If Queen’s Hall is liable for any errors regarding your purchase, a refund is issued and it will be issued typically but not always, using the same method of payment that was used to purchase the tickets. This will apply regardless of whether because of human error or a transactional malfunction of this website.

Queen’s Hall reserves the right, without refund of any amount paid, to refuse admission to, or eject, any person whose conduct is deemed disorderly by management, who uses vulgar or abusive language or who fails to comply with Queen’s Hall’s rules. Breach of terms or rules will terminate your right to attend the event without refund. A ticket is a revocable license and admission may be refused upon refunding the ticket’s face amount. A ticket is not redeemable for the cash value which is attached.

We at Queen’s Hall thank you for your purchase. We are committed to ensuring your experience with us is always a pleasant one.