Bumper festive lineup at Queen’s Hall- Trinidad Guardian Press Release

Date Published: November 15th 2013
Source: The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper

“Imagine an evening beginning with the thunderous opening of the Exodus Steel Orchestra, or one that ends with the angelic voices of the Marionette’s Chorale—that’s what Queen’s Hall and its spectrum of performances have in store this holiday season”.

This year’s programme is not your typical Christmas line up and according to Yvonne Roberts-White, general manager at the performing arts centre, they are “stretching the spectrum” by cleverly combining classical holiday performances as well as locally developed musical plays.

“There will be a lot of energies at play here,” Roberts-White said in a release. “The shows are all about bringing together performances from around the country to showcase the holiday season with song, action and plain old fashioned good cheer.” Read Article Here.