“Changing the Perception of Dance’ (Guardian Article)

Newspaper – Sunday Guardian

Date Published -April 13th , 2014

Writer – Janine Charles-Farray

Despite being one of the best known dance organisations in the Caribbean, with international collaborations, a record number of students accepted into top dance schools and dance companies across the globe, and 18+ years of successful dance seasons, the Metamorphosis Dance Co has yet to attract a long-term investor. “The theatre side of the local creative industry is still very much a barter system,” explained Nancy Herrera, the company’s artistic director. “Some captains of industry get it and have been very supportive. Over the years, many have given a little, but dance is a hard sell. “It’s hard for them to understand how to invest in it… it’s very ephemeral. Unless you film it, it’s over. Dance only lives in the moment of performance. You can’t ‘own’ it. “It’s so easy as a sportsman, for me to wear your logo on my chest, but as a dancer, I can’t be branded for you.”

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