“Christmas Calabash with The Lydians” at Queen’s Hall

Newspaper: Newsday
Date Published: December 14th 2016

THE LYDIANS will tell the story of Mary and the Golden Calabash at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s from tomorrow to Saturday at 7:30 pm and on Sunday at 6 pm.

As the story unfolds, the audience members will be invited to gather together in music as The Lydians sing joyfully of the birth of the Christ child. The concert will follow a creolised re-imagining of the journey of the Virgin Mary from the holy cradle to the river side – “with we calabash”, where a community will gather together in celebration to laugh, sing and have a ball in celebration of the Saviour’s arrival.

In “A Christmas Calabash” a selection from the salsa mass, the Missa Salsera by Rosado will return, along with a special Lydian Steel performance of the samba- themed Brazilian Sleigh Bells. The Bishop Anstey Junior School will also make a guest appearance to offer Christmas selections.


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