With a strong line-up of choreographers for the 2017 season, the COCO Dance Festival 2017 proudly launches its 9th edition at Queen’s Hall Auditorium from the 27th to 29th of October. Every year, the festival creates a space for cutting-edge choreography where one can see the very best of modern contemporary dance from local, regional and international choreographers.

For 2017’s season, COCO has jury-selected 12 local choreographers to showcase their work at the Festival namely, Keanu Mohammed, Katherine Carrera, Sally Crawford-Shepherd, Aviance Bain, Avril Noel, Keeley Hosang, Michael Mortley, Sade Chance, Jillia Cato, Jillene Forde, Anika Marcelle and Nkese Thompson.

“Much of the work of the younger choreographers addresses the social issues facing us today,” shared COCO co-founder and director Sonja Dumas. “It’s encouraging to see them make these important social statements through their art.”

These jury-selected dance works will be featured alongside specially invited guest choreographers including Sherma Burke, whose piece “Celestial Solace”, performed by IBIS T&T Performers, made its debut at the Best Village 2017 and won in its category. “Kyrie”, from dance pioneer and teacher Joyce Kirton will also be showcased along with Abeo Jackson’s “Up” – a solo performed by Kerina Brereton. Both Kirton and Jackson are recipients of COCO Awards for their work in dance.