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DC Shell Theatre- Puss in Boots

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March 30, 2019 | 7:00 pm

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March 30, 2019 | 11:00 pm




In “Puss In Boots”, a miller dies and leaves his mill for the eldest son, his tools and horses for his second son and a cat for his youngest son.  But this is no ordinary cat but Puss in Boots, who can speak and is extremely funny.  What follows next is two hours of solid entertainment as the Crazy Catholic and D C Shell Theatre gives the story a trini twist complete with comedy, music, dance and adventure.

Puss in Boots changes his master’s name to the Marquis of Carrabas and then delivers fresh game to the King’s palace on behalf of his master which pleases the King.  Puss then takes his master to the river for a bath and hides his clothes. He then stops the King’s carriage and advises him that his master’s clothes were stolen to get a new suit from the King.

Puss also impresses the princess and gets her to fall in love with his master.  He also obtains a castle for his master by battling witches and all this leads up to intermission. The second half unfolds with the Princess in danger and Puss and his master have to go back into 4 different decades to obtain magical items to save her.

If you love comedy – Puss in Boots is the show for you!

If you love live theatre –Puss in Boots is the live play you need to see!

If you love dance and live performances –Queens Hall awaits your presence

If you love the trini twist which is a trademark of the Crazy Catholic join us at Queens Hall on Saturday 30 March at 7 pm and Sunday 31 March at 5 pm for Puss in Boots.

Written and directed by Crazy Catholic

Set and costume design by Cindy Rodriguez- Narine

Lighting by Celia Wells

Sound by Yohance Lamy

Produced by D C Shell Theatre

Fifteen member cast with champion dancer Rene Arneaud as Puss In Boots, Joshua Gouveia as the Marquis of Carabas, Shelci Marie as Shania Holmes – ace detective, the man with the golden voice Aaron-Mark Alleyne as the King, Ivana Gobin as the Queen, Andre Arneaud as Mr Fox, Melanie Marquez as the Princess, Sensational Shelly as the witch, Scott Mcdonald as twinkle toes and many more.


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