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Lilliput Dance Theatre – I’ERE Land of the Hummingbird

Start date/time

May 17, 2019 | 7:00 pm

End date/time

May 17, 2019 | 9:30 pm




The production of I’ERE will take a peculiar look at the history of Trinidad and Tobago and “Boom It UP. Lilliput’s thespians will take you on a journey all the way back in time, back to a time before time, back, to the green beginning of this land, back to when this land called Iere – The land of The Hummingbird was first settled by man some 7,000 years ago. Travel with Banwari, the first man who walked and lived and settled in this land of I’ERE to discover our rich history.

One of the blessings of our history is that here in the land of I’ERE many Amerindian words and place names still survive into the present day to remind us our their existence and their living legacy, places such as Caroni, Oropouche, Tamana, Tucuche, Turure, Tacaribe, Tragarete, Ariapita, just to name a few, all remind of their presence and the Lores and stories that came before us, as we walk through history.

Lilliput encourages self-confidence and builds strong minds through the challenge of theatre, game play and imagination. With its distinctive approach to instructing dance and drama, the company continues to harness the performing arts as a medium to help shape and build character of our nation’s youth.

The veteran company is known for staging thought-provoking productions that challenge audiences to visage alternative political, social and cultural views. The young thespians have risen to the challenge of portraying the creative concepts of fashion designer, Zidelle Daniel.  This process uses creative writing to explore sophisticated ideas as an integral part of their writing process. Under the tutelage of the talented Wendell Manwarren with the support of drama tutors, elisha efua bartels and Tonya Evans, ‘I’ERE’ promises to stimulate, excite and enthuse its audience.

For more information, join the IERE Instagram page at    (https://instagram.com/lilliput_theatre?igshid=qu6gdyuz7ujy) or connect with Lilliput on FB at www.facebook.com/lilliputchildrenstheatre or on Twitter @NDLFA.



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