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Traditional Calypso on the Move “Together as Always”

August 16, 2014 | 7:30 pm




Statement from the Producers:

“Traditional Calypso on The Move” is three years old. It was formed to keep calypso music alive and to take it to the people wherever they are. For the past three years we have been doing shows mostly in the country areas.

At this time we are taking the show to QUEEN’S HALL because it’s a show with a big difference in that the STEEL PAN our National Instrument is providing the musical accompaniment for the Calypsonians. We believe that steelband music means much more than Panorama and we are hoping that this proves this point.

The band we have chosen is “MUSICAL GEMS”, it’s a small band and the majority of the players are TEENAGERS  which in itself is very positive.

Brother Superior is our special guest. He would be adding his own unique of guitar playing to the music.

It is indeed going to be an experience no one should miss.


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