Attending an Event

Dress Code

Attending an event at Queen’s Hall is always a special occasion so the dress code is usually elegantly casual depending on the occasion. Some people attend events straight from work and are dressed in professional business attire. Formal wear is generally worn only to gala events or cocktail receptions. Since the Auditorium is a bit chilly, it is recommended that females bring along accessories to keep their shoulders covered such as shawls or sweaters.

Cell Phone Etiquette

Patrons carrying cell phones, wearing alarm watches, and/or carrying electronic paging systems are requested to turn them off before entering the Auditorium. You may contact the House manager before entering the auditorium if emergency notification might be required.

Attending an Event


Cameras as well as other recording devices in the Auditorium can create major distractions for the musicians and audience members. As a result, no still/video cameras, or tape recorders are permitted. All equipment should be checked with the House Manager prior to entering the auditorium. Members of the media attending functions in their official capacity are required to sign a register and will be directed to a specific area in the Auditorium.



Children are welcome to attend productions at Queen’s Hall, particularly matinee performances which are typically held at earlier times of the day.  All children must have a valid ticket and be accompanied by an adult.

Children will not be allowed to enter the Auditorium in the case of events which are designated “for mature audiences only”.

Children between one (1) to three (3) years old will be allowed to sit in the laps of their parents when attending shows which are not specifically deemed “children’s events”.

For children’s events however, all children (except babes-in arms below 12 months) will be required to purchase a ticket to attend a children’s show. This is keeping with Queen’s Hall’s Fire Code and is based on prevailing OSHA requirements for our maximum seating capacity of 764 persons.

For mothers attending with young babies, the Ushers will usually assign seating close to exits to allow for ease of intermittent exit/entry.

During the Performance

Once a concert is underway, we request that you minimize talking, whispering, singing, or humming. Minimizing these activities during performances will ensure that you, other patrons, and the performers enjoy the full benefits of the performance. Patrons should also refrain from entering and exiting the hall while a performance is in progress. Ushers are stationed at entrances and exits. If you must leave your seat, please proceed quickly and quietly to the nearest door or ask the nearest usher for assistance. Please note that if you leave during the performance, you will not be allowed back into the hall until an appropriate break in the program.

Marionnettes Children 2012


During intermission, patrons may visit the Lobby Bar which offers light snacks and beverages for sale. Absolutely no food or beverage is allowed inside the Auditorium itself.