The Royal Opera House Chamber Ensemble tipped their hat to the Queen’s Hall auditorium when the Artistic Director called the Hall one of the best in which they had ever played. It was a compliment not to be taken lightly as much time and effort was spent during the redevelopment to set new work-class standards. Some innovations include: premium audio technologies; a concert-quality sound system, state-of-the-art lighting and a counterweight rigging system.

In addition to the Royal Opera House, the Auditorium has played host to the National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica and myriad other and international productions. Companies have also found the auditorium an ideal spot for their award functions and corporate launches.

The auditorium provides seating for 754. There are 440 seats in the House (depending on the use of the Orchestra Pit) and 264 seats in the balcony; 50 seats are evenly divided between promenade left and right.

Seating Plan

Download Seating Plan (PDF)

Rental Fees

  • Performing Arts – $8,000.00 plus VAT
  • Corporate Events – $9,000.00 plus VAT (Mon to Thu)
    Corporate Events – $10,000.00 plus VAT (Fri to Sun)
  • Rental Fee for NGOs – $4,500.00 plus VAT
  • Rental Fee for Faith-Based Events – $4,500.00 plus VAT
  • Rental Fee for School Events – $3,000.00 plus VAT

Refundable Cautionary Fee


Confirmed bookings

Clients who have a confirmed booking for an event in the Auditorium must complete the following documents:

  • Technical Information Sheet – Clients must complete this form advising the Technical Coordinator of their requirements for lighting, sound, stage, etc., two (2) weeks before load-in. Stage measurements and other technical information will be made available upon request by the Technical Coordinator.
  • Music Declaration Form – This document provides a detailed listing of all the musical work to be performed and is required for COTT purposes.
  • Rehearsal and Performance Sheets (R&P) – Clients must sign a completed R&P Sheet for each rehearsal and/or performance.
  • Backstage Log – Clients are required to provide a listing of all personnel entering backstage (performers, technical crew etc.), to the Technical Coordinator two (2) weeks before load-in.