Queen’s Hall has one of the world’s most popular stages: the Proscenium. Its primary feature is a large arch through which the audience views the performance by facing the stage directly.


At Queen’s Hall, the opening is 37 feet, seven inches wide by 22 feet high.

  • Width of Stage area without Cloth Legs to Trough – 49′ 5 “
  • Depth of Stage from Curtain Line – 25’10”
  • Performance area with Cloth Legs and Upstage Curtain in place – 29’2″ wide x 25′ 10″

Cloth Legs can be folded in to make the Performance area wider


The Stage is equipped with the following equipment:

  • Adjustable Orchestra Pit with 3 levels
  • Extension Stage
  • Soft White Cyclorama
  • Scrim (Black and White)
  • Borders and Cloth Legs (Black or White)
  • Mechanical Fly Bar System
  • Crossover
  • Paging System
  • Video Monitors
  • White Acoustic Sound Shells
  • Steinway Grand Piano and two Upright Pianos