‘Flamenco for Transplants’ at Queen’s Hall (Newsday Review)

Newspaper –  Newsday

Date Published – Dec. 5th  2013

Writer –  Anne Hilton

I can never hope to capture on camera or in words the fire and frenzy of genuine Flamenco dancing, as seen on the Queen’s Hall stage at the Fourth Spanish Christmas Concert on Friday, November 29 (our thanks to the Spanish Embassy for this annual treat) but one tries. The “sobbing” music (the only word I can find to describe the genre – if one is permitted to borrow a term from painting?) may seem strange at first until one remembers it echoes the Arabic influence in the south of Spain.

However, this year it was Barcelona in the North that was featured in the video preceding the performance because the Donation and Transplantation Institute of Barcelona has trained transplant surgeons both here and in Spain for TT’s National Organ Transplant Unit (NOTU) that was the focus of the Spanish Christmas Concert this year. The evening began with the speeches, in particular and most important, an impassioned plea from Dr Lesley Roberts of the National Organ Transplant Unit for members of the audience to sign up to become a donor at the booth set up in the reception area of Queen’s Hall.

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