“Folk holds sway as Championships get underway” at Queen’s Hall

Newspaper: Newsday
Date Published: Tuesday 1st March 2016

ALTHOUGH it was a morning of ‘ups and dows’ — trafic jam in the vicinity of Queen’s Hall, so much so “downtown” taxis were refusing to go to St. Ann’s due to the jam. Taxi-drivers were going “only around the Savannah.” They were avoiding the St. Ann’s roundabout, due to some stalled vehicle. The traffic lineup was reduced to a single lane.

However, the start of the Music Festival Championships was delayed for almost 90 minutes.

The delay worked in favour of Music Festival patrons, who had to lineup to purchase tickets and programmes. But the Festival Championships were well worth the wait. Good choral singing, tonal quality, dynamics. It seemed that the contestants had done their homework with all the advice given by the adjudicators over the past fortnight at the three venues Queen’s Hall, the Southern Academy of the Performing Arts (SAPA), and Tobago.


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