Japanese Music Masters at Queen’s Hall

Source: Newsday

Published : Saturday 19th January 2013

Journalist : Anne Hilton

Just as he did in NAPA Recital Room 1 when last he visited TT, Kaoru Watanabe walked through the auditorium playing his flute as a prelude to the concert Japanese Masters in Concert in the Queen’s Hall on Tuesday January 15.

However, apart from the introduction and the finale, the concert on last Tuesday differed in that instead of being accompanied by Yumi Kurosawa playing the Koto (a kind of 13 string zither) it was internationally renowned taiko player and composer Isaku Kageyama who showed his mastery of the drums, the taiko.

Although born in St Louis, Missouri and graduating from the Manhattan School of Music, Watanabe felt drawn to explore his ancestral roots in Japan where he went to study Japanese music, returning to the US where he currently teaches students at the Kaoru Watanabe Centre in New York, and tours the five continents to perform (as he did on the 15th on both flute and drum. Isaku Kageyama is also a master of the taiko drum, experimenting with fusing the traditional with the modern and elements of jazz. Currently he is based in Boston (USA) where he teaches taiko drumming and conducts taiko workshops worldwide.

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