A Celebration of Body Positivity- Newsday Sep 27th 2019

Newspaper: Newsday
Writer: Rachel Espinet
Date Published: Sep 27th, 2019

A celebration of body positivity comes to Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s on October 12 with the Lights, Camera, Curve fashion show.

Many women in TT are full-figured women above size 12, said Janine Charles-Farray, where according to UK and US standards plus size starts. Finding clothes that fit can be frustrating for full-figured women. That’s why Sonja Pollonais started her boutique Closet Red Plus Size Boutique in her Mt Lambert home.

Closet Red’s fashion options grew interest and Pollonais started Lights, Camera, Curve as a celebration of body positivity. Now in its fifth year, the fashion show is celebrating the anniversary with #5MoodsOfFashion.

There will be five celebrated colours, five moods, five fashion runways and five paths to body positivity.

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