“Let’s Talk TED” at Queen’s Hall

Newspaper: Guardian
Writer: Shereen Ali
Date Published: October 11th 2016

Will the new connectivity people now have, through the internet and other technologies, eventually revolutionise human consciousness?  Is there really justice in T&T if white collar criminals are never prosecuted? Can we innovate our way into creating more of our own technology? Is the whole world’s economic system rigged? Can we totally abolish money one day? Are all conceptions of race really quite pointless?

These and many other ideas and questions were raised at the annual TEDx talk event held last Thursday (October 6) at Queen’s Hall, Port-of-Spain, where 11 speakers shared innovative ideas from their lives and realisations from their research and work across some very different disciplines. From law to photography to medical research and psychological transformation techniques, guests received varied food for thought.



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