“Lilliput Stages Gobblin this weekend ” at Queen’s Hall

Newspaper: Newsday
Date Published:May 16th 2017

LILLIPUT Children’s Theatre will presents its production themed Gobblin’ at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s this weekend.

Gobblin’ is a comical look at greed and corruption in the world today from a Gobblin’ perspective. The Gobblins inhabit a society of calumny and conspiracy, where might is right and the winner takes all and the devil takes the hindmost.

Gobblin’ depicts a mischievous, ugly, dwarf-like creature of folklore, now come to life as a contemporary self-absorbed, self-contemptuous, narcissistic creature of insatiable appetite and unbridled ambition fuelled by ego, insecurity, hyper competitiveness, malice and spite and a gargantuan disdain for humanity.

Lilliput encourages self-confidence and builds strong minds through the challenge of theatre, game play and imagination, sad a media release. With its distinctive approach to instructing dance and drama, the company continues to harnesses the performing arts as a medium to help shape and build character of our youth.


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