‘Keeping a Balance’ 3 Canal Show at Queen’s Hall (Express Article)

Newspaper –  Sunday Express

Date Published – Feb 23rd, 2014

Writer – Nigel Telesford

It may come as a shock to some to realise that 3Canal has been recording music for 17 years already, but considering the fact that we’ve only been an independent nation for a mere 50 years, it seems highly efficient that a militant-minded, brutally honest and unapologetic rapso group took only approximately 30 years to form and rise to the mainstream – especially when one considers the infantile status of some other national necessities.

So while we may not yet possess a cultural museum and NAPA may not be the ideal space for our artisans to showcase their works, at least we have a life-size sonic and videographic mirror to show and remind us of all our missteps and blunders as a society.
“Let’s not misrepresent as if it’s been all bad,” Stanton Kewley interjects, “because we have definitely celebrated the good times and the national accomplishments in our music also… But from the start of our career in music, we decided we would take the hard road and be the ones to say: wait a minute, are y’all seeing what’s happening here? Are you the people aware that this is what is taking place in Trinidad?”
“Truth be told, there are more than enough people willing and able to say: come leh we take ah wine and drink ah rum,” adds Wendell Manwarren. “So we don’t feel the need to do that too often. We tote the heavy weight and drop it on the scale to bring ah balance… because we believe that’s what life is all about – balance, not palance!”d

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