“The Spectacular Zico Mesmerisies Young Students” at Queen’s Hall

Newspaper: Trinidad Guardian
Written by: Geisha Kowlessar
Date Published: May 24th, 2018

The thought of entering secondary school can be daunting for some children. Adjustments have to made to a new environment, marking an entirely fresh chapter in their lives. The journey through secondary school will, in some instances, be bumpy, filled with trials and tribulations. And at times they will be faced with negative factors including peer pressure and bullying.

With the stressful Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) finally over for some 19,000 pupils, secondary school however, is just around the corner. To equip them to properly handle life stresses, family theatre producer/director and veteran actor Fareid Carvalho showcased his hit play The Spectacular Zico, on Tuesday at Queen’s Hall, Port-of- Spain.

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