“Adjudicator Pays Tribute to Folk Singers” at Queen’s Hall

Newspaper: Newsday
Writer: John Babb
Date Published: Feb 27th, 2018

MUSIC Festival adjudicator Dorothy Howden yesterday paid tribute to the performances of the ten Primary School Folk Song choirs for their singing, actions, music, imagination. “I have enjoyed the folk song very well,” she effused.

Tribute was also paid to the music teachers in the schools; the imagination of the children. “A morning well spent” with the folk singers.

“I also paid tribute to the amount of imagination as the children went through their performances, “ she added.

The choirs were allowed their own choice. Arima Girls RC came first with 89 marks for their “Dip and Fall Back” which earned them 89 marks; Sacred Heart Girls RC, filled second place with “Coconut Woman” which earned them 88 marks, while Dunross Folk Choir, came third with 87 marks.

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