“APA Folk Swingers, Exotic, Stylish” at Queen’s Hall

Newspaper: Newsday
Date Published: Feb 26th, 2018

APA Folk Swingers performed Lord Kitchener’ Bees Melody and Calypso Rose’s Leave Me Alone and the overwhelmed Scottish adjudicator awarded the choir 94 points for their performance.

On Tuesday evening, another choir performing in Class OP-14 Calypso Chorale (with choreography) Eh Bien Oui Don Don, received 92 points for their performance of Lord Melody’s Boo Boo Man and Jonah and the Bake.

That evening Howden said it was the climax of the festival thus far, that the performance was splendid, was a great marriage of music and dance and was an entertaining experience for her.

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