“3 Canal to Bring Down Power” at Queen’s Hall

Newspaper: Newsday
Date Published: Feb 6th, 2018

WITH the staging of its14th annual Carnival show, 3canal is aiming to bring down the power at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s from tonight. The presentation titled Power will also feature the cut + clear crew live and introduce This Generation also known as The Black Box Crew.

This year, 3canal celebrates its 21st year of music empowerment by exploring the idea of Power in it’s many myriad forms and to question what is Power, and how it manifests in our living reality today, the group said in a media release.

“The assumption is we all have it; power/the power’ that is, and the belief is, it’s a simple matter of claiming it and bringing it down and spreading it all around.

Well easier said than done, as the struggle for power is as real today as it ever was and right now the battle is on; so ban yuh belly for what is to come,” 3canal said in the release.

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