May JohnStone Bursary recipient awarded

The Patrons of Queen’s Hall held a brief ceremony today (17th September 2012) to present the recipient of The May Johnstone Bursary.
In a release, the group stated “One of the initiatives of the Patrons of Queen’s Hall’s Development Programme offered to promising and outstanding students in the Performing Arts – this year Dance at Tertiary level – has been awarded to Michael Mortley of UTT. The $5,000.00 award will assist Michael to continue his dance studies where he hopes to gain his BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts).

Michael is a student of Contemporary and Modern dance and is now entering his second year. His passion for the dance was discovered while he was in Form 3 at Tranquillity Government School. Michael has stated that he intends to perform and teach when he has completed his studies.

Dance students studying dance at tertiary level from twenty-one dance schools and academies were invited to participate in the Bursary this year. The May Johnstone Bursary was introduced last year and was awarded to the most outstanding and promising musician who topped the candidates participating at that time – Jean Marc Tardieu.

The Bursary Committee will meet in due course to select which Art form will be awarded The May Johnstone Bursary for 2013.”