“Nataki Lendor Falling in love with the Stage and Becoming Mahalia Jackson” at Queen’s Hall

Newspaper: Newsday
Date Published: September 18th 2016

In keeping with the previous three years of stage hits – The Sound of Music (2012), The King and I (2013), Jesus Christ Superstar (2014), among others – locally-founded JCS Productions, headed by John Henry Smith, Creative Producer and Chris Smith, Production Manager revived last year’s semi-autobiographical show, Tom Stolz’s Mahalia the Musical, inspired by the life and timeless music of gospel singer and civil rights pioneer, Mahalia Jackson.

Music Festival Champion Llettesha Sylvester won the audience over night after night with no understudy. This year, Sylvester steps back into the lead role, but not without some exceptionally good support. Actress and jazz and soul singer, Nataki Lendor, takes the stage at Queen’s Hall to share the demanding-yet-satisfying role and to give her own take on the “Queen of Gospel.”


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