RS Production’s “Eat Ah Food”

World Premiere of "Eat ah Food" Live at Queen's Hall this Friday 28th, Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th September 2012. Produced by R.S. Productions, the new play is a hilarious look at Politics, Crime, Sex and what people do to Eat A Food in T&T today! Call 338-6024 for tickets and info.



RS/RR Events – The Naughty Minister


Bacchanal at Queen's Hall!!
RS/RR Productions "The Naughty Minister" (the 2019 edition) will take centre stage at the prestigious Queen's Hall come Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January, two nights only.
“The Naughty Minister” looks at the fictional story of a Minister who has won his seat on the sanctity of marriage and family life. His wife leaves to attend a weekend retreat with the Prime Minister’s wife. What happens when the wife is away leads to a night of complete chaos. Mix in an Independent Senator, the personal assistant to the Minister, a Venezuelan visitor and a country girl from an agency and bedlam breaks loose especially when the wife returns unexpectedly. This is a story of fiction....kind of!!!

Start your carnival with laughter. See 'The Naughty Minister"

The Queen's Hall Box Office opens from 10am to 6pm daily.
Tickets are also available at all our Advertised outlets.

Call 624 1284/338 6024/744 7581 for tickets.
You can also now purchase tickets online