Paul Keens Keeping the Talk Alive

Source – Trinidad Guardian

Date Published – February 13, 2013

Writer – Zahra Gordon

Paul Keens-Douglas believes sponsorship is killing culture. And that’s one of the reasons why in 30 years of hosting the alternative comedy show Talk Tent, he’s never had corporate sponsorship or used extravagant television ads. On February 15, Talk Tent will celebrate its 30th anniversary at Queen’s Hall.

Keens-Douglas, one of this country’s leading raconteurs will be joined on stage this year by singer Raymond Edwards, midnight robber Rashid Hosein, the singing MC Lord Superior, calypsonian Short Pants and comedian Miguel Browne. These performers are Talk Tent regulars who include a long list of stalwarts and legends who made up the Talk Tent cast, including Horace James, Bill Trotman, Glenn Davis, Pearl Eintou Springer, Relator and David Bereaux.

A focus of Talk Tent has also been giving space to up-and-coming artists and many established entertainers got very early gigs at Talk Tent when the calypso arena had no room or patience for them. These entertainers include Errol Fabien, Brother Resistance, Karega Mandela and Ataklan. In more recent years, Talk Tent has also included young artists of the new storytelling generation, like spoken-word artist Muhammad Muwakil and singer Neval Chatelal.

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