“QED’s Big Band Sound ” at Queen’s Hall

Newspaper: Newsday
Date Published:May 27th 2017

JUNE will open with a bang of beautiful music that will take you Down Memory Lane – the Soundtrack to your Life! The vocal trio of QED TT featuring Raymond Edwards, Nigel Floyd and Edward Cumberbatch will host their concert on June 4 at at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s. Over the past few weeks of rehearsal the trio has been working with some exciting musical collaborators.

The singers are aiming for the grand, nostalgic sound of the big band with the multiple-instrument orchestra affectionately called the JunctionQ Jammers, which will be accompanying them. The Jammers represents an all-star line-up of musicians from various genres including soca, jazz, and classical orchestras. Altogether, they will match the eclectic spirit of QED TT and bring the music of Down Memory Lane to life.

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