Rejoice and Be Glad!

Source – Newsday

Date – Friday 14th December 2012

This weekend, the Lydian Singers and Steel offer their Christmas gift to the nation in this milestone year in the nation’s history. The concert series, “Rejoice and be Glad” began last evening with an opening performance for specially invited guests representing a cross section of society, including young people and corporate guests. The series will continue tonight at 7.30 pm and tomorrow and Sunday at 6 pm at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s.

The Lydians will present a selection of religious and secular Christmas music together with well-loved local Christmas traditions, including dance, African and Indian drums, costumes and set design.

One highlight of the programme is the vocally challenging Baroque Gloria in D major by Antonio Vivaldi featuring seasoned Lydian soloists including Joanne Pyle, Eddie Cumberbatch, Janine Charles-Farray, David Williams, Germaine Wilson, Glenis Yearwood, Jenny Archer and Camille Sejoor.

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