Review of “Talk Tent 2017” – Laugh, Learn and Laugh Again

Newspaper: Newsday
Reviewer: Julien Neaves
Date Published: March 12th, 2017

AFTER the hustle and bustle of Carnival 2017 had simmered, the annual Talk Tent returned to offer its particular brand of humour and education.

The show started promptly at 8 on opening night, March 3, with David Bereaux, the singing MC taking to the stage with energy and charisma to spare. He sang to the tune of “sans humanité” which is used in extempo competitions to introduce the artistes.

“Talk tent, always a show of class,” he crooned.

Talk Tent founder, producer and master storyteller Paul Keens-Douglas made a brief appearance, telling the audience that making it their show of choice shows they were an “intelligent audience”. He explained that Talk Tent is about telling old and new stories and mostly about preserving values.

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