Site Credits

Our new website was crafted and executed by the following:

Project Management

Amelia Samai-Nicome, Queen’s Hall Operations Manager, and her fantastic, dedicated team

Website Design/Development

Futuregram Studio


  • Wendell Reyes/Stephen Jay Photography (Homepage – Slider image 1; ‘Plan Your Visit’ and ‘All Events’ images on each event; Bookings – ‘Book an Event’ and ‘Book a Tour’ images; all images in the Facilities section; About Us – hero and ‘Core Values’ images)
  • Maria Nunes Photography (Homepage – ‘Behind the Curtain’; Bookings – hero image)
  • Metamorphosis Dance Company (Homepage – ‘What’s On In Theatre’)
  • David Wears (Events – hero image)
  • Russel “Butch” Limchoy (Homepage – Slider image 2; About Us – ‘An Ideal Venue’; ‘A Rich Heritage’ section; ‘Attending an Event’ image on each event)