“Staging Les Mis: A Long Journey” at Queen’s Hall (Guardian Article)

Newspaper: Sunday Guardian
Date Published: Sunday 6th July, 2014
Writer: Janine Charles-Farray

The preparation for the Marionettes Chorale’s staging of Les Misérables has been a long time in coming. It was a personal mission for dramatic director and assistant artistic director Caroline Taylor, who will be working along with the chorale’s artistic and musical director Gretta Taylor, her mother. “We’d done excerpts a few times over the years, and I personally spent much of the last decade trying to get the rights to do the full production here,” the younger Taylor said. “So when the full performance rights became available at the end of 2012, and despite the vast musical and technical challenges, it was all systems go. Once it finally happened, I was simultaneously excited and terrified!” 

Les Mis has run continuously since October 1985 and is now the longest running musical in the world. The Marionettes’ staging will be the Caribbean premiere of the popular musical. The Marionettes Chorale is also continuing celebrations of its golden anniversary of 50 years as a choir, begun last year. A member of the Marionettes since 1995 (by way of the Youth Chorale), Taylor works closely with her mother on various aspects of the Marionettes’ artistic and production work, assisting on everything from stage direction to grant writing and marketing.

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