“Vive Voila” at Queen’s Hall

Newspaper: Trinidad Express
Writer – Kimoy Leon Sing
Date Published: Fri 20th March 2015

“Dance has taught me many things; the most important one is passion. The more passionate we are about what we do; the more effort, commitment, sacrifice, determination, patience and persistent we will be. All those qualities usually become part of our entire being or lifestyle,” said dancer/choreographer, Candice Clarke.
Clarke is a professional dancer who is the founder of the Candice Clarke Academy. In dance for the past 20 years, the academy has done a number of productions which include: Joie de Vivre (August 2014), HeartBeat (September 2013), Golden Jubilee — A celebration of diversity (August 2012), Dance Creola Tour New York (August 2012), Creola Benefit Concert (March 2011) and the Story of Dance 1 (August 2008) to name a few.

The academy is gearing up for their 19th production with Voila! — The Essence of Dance as: Art…Mystical…Inspirational. The event takes place May 3 at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s.-

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