Queen's Hall

What’s On in Theatre 8th to 14th February 2013

Date Venue Details Start time Ticket Price

Fri 8th

Naparima Bowl

Naparima Colege Association:

NAPS Carnival Cooler Fete




Queen’s Hall

3 Canal 2013 Carnival Show




 Sat 9th

Queen’s Hall

3 Canal 2013 Carnival Show




Sun 10th

Queen’s Hall

The Arts Support Alliance

“Fete for the Arts”



What’s Happening 15th to 17th February:

Queen’s Hall – Keensdee production’s “Talk Tent 2013”

Naparima Bowl – Raymond Choo Kong’s “Nathalie in a Nightie”

NAPA South – Richard Ragoobarsingh’s Theatrical Production

Closed for Maintenance:

NAPA North – Dec 17th 2012 to March 31st 2013

Central Bank Auditorium – Dec 10th 2012 to Feb 28th 2013


Contact Information

  • Queen’s Hall Box Office – 624-1284 ext. 242 or 221
  • NAPA – 625-4224/627-1104
  • Central Bank – 623-0845
  • Little Carib Theatre – 622-4644
  • NAPA South – 713-8141

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