What’s On in Theatre Fri 14th to Thu 21st August 2015

Date Venue Details Start time Ticket Price
Fri 14th Naparima Bowl Residing in the Land of Promise
Isaiah Temple SBC
7:00pm $75.00 (kids)
$150.00 (adults)
Sat 15th Naparima Bowl Dark Jouvert – Let’s Do in the Dark
10:00pm $250.00
Queen’s Hall For the Love
of Dance III

John Paul Alba Dennis

7:30pm $200.00
SAPA Amandla
Ibis Performing Company
7:00pm $150.00
 Sun 16th SAPA Nada 2015: An Evening of Celestial Songs, Music and Dances
Sri Sachchidanada
2:30pm. 6:00pm $100.00/
$150.00 $200.00
Queen’s Hall Looking for Mr. Big

RR Productions

6:30pm $200.00/$250.00
Naparima Bowl St. Patrick’s Emancipation
King & Queen Pageant
“The Splendour Of Africa”
J & E Promotions
 3:30pm $100.00

Contact Information

  • Queen’s Hall Box Office – 624-1284 ext. 242 or 221    Email: qhinfo@queenshalltt.com
  • National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA)   – 623-2375    Email: napanorthbookings@gmail.com
  • Central Bank – 625-2601 ext 2155
  • Little Carib Theatre – 622-4644
  • Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA) – 657-4380 ext 1245 Email:sapabookings@gmail.com
  • Naparima Bowl – 652-4704 ext 110 jean.kennedy@naparimabowl.com

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