What’s On in Theatre Fri 28th Aug to Thu 3rd September 2015

Date Venue Details Start time Ticket Price
Fri 28th Queen’s Hall Bees, Butterflies & Ballz
Priceless Entertainment
7:30pm $200.00/$250.00
SAPA La Reine Rive (Talent)
Min of Community Development
6:00pm $50.00
Sat 29th Naparima Bowl Diamonds in the Sun
Min of Arts & Multiculturalism
7:00pm Free Admission(RSVP TO 388-5866)
SAPA “We” (Concert)
7:00pm $100.00
Sun 30th Naparima Bowl Diamonds in the Sun
Min of Arts & Multiculturalism
 6:00pm Free Admission(RSVP TO 388-5866)
Mon 31st SAPA Amandla
Ibis Performing Company
 6:00pm $150.00
Queen’s Hall Toast to the NationCombined Services Officers Mess

National Awards 2015

Office of the President




By Invitation Only
Wed 2nd Queen’s Hall Tempo Media Launch
Tempo Networks 

Best Village Finals

Min of Community Development




By Invitation Only 



Thu 4th Queen’s Hall Best Village FinalsMin of Community Development 6:00pm  $20.00

Contact Information

  • Queen’s Hall Box Office – 624-1284 ext. 242 or 221    Email: qhinfo@queenshalltt.com
  • National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA)   – 623-2375    Email: napanorthbookings@gmail.com
  • Central Bank – 625-2601 ext 2155
  • Little Carib Theatre – 622-4644
  • Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA) – 657-4380 ext 1245 Email:sapabookings@gmail.com
  • Naparima Bowl – 652-4704 ext 110 jean.kennedy@naparimabowl.com

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