Where and When Piano Meets Pan

Source – Trinidad Guardian
Date Published – December 31, 2012
Writer – Simon Lee
On an early pre-Christmas afternoon Queen’s Hall is apparently deserted; but slipping through the stage door at the rear I hear a gentle ripple of piano notes, which has the immediate effect of dissipating the headache and muscular tension of an hour’s drive to town. Unannounced and momentarily unseen I glide towards the Steinway grand, unwilling to break the spell which conductor, choral director and pianist Richard Tangyuk is weaving in total absorption.
In a couple of weeks Tangyuk will have a much larger audience and another highly successful and multi-talented collaborator—violinist and pan virtuoso Liam Teague. The duo will be presenting two concerts (January 5 and 6 at Naparima Bowl and Queen’s Hall) of classical pieces, highlighting their instruments of choice and giving local audiences an all-too-rare New Year’s or Feast of the Kings’ gift of classical music.