Hinkson Facade

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A Note from the Queen’s Hall Board

The Board of Queen’s Hall is pleased to have been offered the opportunity by renowned artist Jackie Hinkson to display his 110-foot mural entitled “This is ‘Mas.” It has been our privilege to share with the nation this energetic and thought-provoking piece that transcends Carnival and speaks to the social and physical environment of our beloved country.

Given its sheer scale, displaying “This is ’Mas” at Queen’s Hall meant that a wide cross section of the public was exposed to the creativity and ability of one of the country’s finest artists. The Queen’s Hall Board thanks Mr. Hinkson for his collaboration in mounting the mutual, “This is ‘Mas”, and is certain that nationals and visitors alike enjoyed viewing this inspirational work of art. (Displayed February to April 2006)

Astra Da Costa

Artist’s Statement

It was only after decades of experiencing, observing and working that I felt ready to attempt this work. The idea was conceived more than a decade ago and slowly took shape, at its own pace. During that period I produced numerous works, sketches, large drawings, watercolours and large paintings that were in a way a preparation for the final effort. The final impetus, I suspect, came from my increasingly intense reaction to my social environments to events and phenomena that seemed to profoundly affect te quality of our lives, a work of this scale is inevitably complex and, as is my manner, my approach was largely intuitive.

There are in it images from my childhood as well as from my current social political and physical environment. The approach is sometimes historical, sometimes satirical. It moves from the literal to the allegoric and space is at times real and at other times distorted. Although the work has reached a certain level of completion I will no doubt continue working on it for years to come.

I wish to thank the Queen’s Hall Board and the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs for making this display possible.