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John Thomas presents “BELIEVE: CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD” Fri 22nd Dec 2023

Start date/time

December 22, 2023 | 8:00 pm

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December 22, 2023 | 9:30 pm



On Friday 22nd December part-proceeds from the Gala Performance of “Believe Christmas Around The World” will be dedicated to the Heroes Foundation.


Artfully directed by the talented John Thomas, the annual Believe concert is a much anticipated and beloved Christmas experience.  This year, you will embark on a multicultural yuletide adventure, exploring a diverse array of musical genres, including crèche, zouk, gospel, and parang, all brought to life by some of Trinidad and Tobago’s most exceptional and renowned performers.  In the true spirit of Christmas, the Believe artist collective has made the heartwarming decision to dedicate part-proceeds from this year’s Gala Performance to our child and youth development efforts at Heroes.



The Heroes Foundation is a proactive, prevention-based development centre dedicated to nurturing our future leaders.  Our mission is to transform lives and forge a brighter future by disrupting negative influences, addressing socioeconomic challenges, and empowering young people with the values, skills, and abilities necessary to build safe and sustainable lives and livelihoods, and lead positive behaviour change in their homes, schools, and communities.

 Heroes currently works with over 300 young people in Secondary Schools and Community Residences, guiding them to overcome life’s challenges and emerge as 21st-century leaders.  70% of our programme participants come from lower socio-economic backgrounds with limited access to support and resources.  Our 2022 well-being survey showed that approximately 95% were at risk of emotional behavioural problems or had an increased probability of developing problems that limited their capacity to control internal states, adapt to changes, and respond to stressful events.  It also showed that 42% were at risk of Social Behavioural problems or had an increased probability of developing problems that limit their ability to sustain age-appropriate relationships with peers and adults.  The work we undertake is critical to addressing these issues and providing children with resources and opportunities outside their regular environment.

This year, Heroes has been honoured as the recipient of the National Youth Award for Outstanding Youth Group, as we passionately serve as a beacon of hope and empowerment for young people.  Our flagship Heroes Development  Programme (HDP)  is a 3-year intervention delivered to secondary school students in Forms 1-3 and migrant youth, focused on psychosocial development, 21st-century skills development, sustainability education and youth-led project-based learning in the areas of equality and the elimination of violence; energy, climate, and environmental sustainability; and career development.

Your support of this fundraising venture will help us to continue providing long-term support to young people most in need of guidance and direction.

Get ready for the holiday event of the year! John Thomas’s Believe: Christmas Around the World – Spectacular Concert Special.

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