Queen’s Hall to Participate in Trade and Investment Convention (TIC) 2024

Across the globe, every culture celebrates the arts in unique and vibrant ways. From the dazzling lights of Diwali to the colorful parades of Carnival, the world is indeed a stage. And here, in the heart of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago shines with its own rich tapestry of cultural expression. At Queen’s Hall, we celebrate the arts in all its forms, bringing stories to life and creating unforgettable experiences.”

We’re excited to invite you to visit Queen’s Hall’s booth at the 25th Anniversary of the Trade and Investment Convention—TIC 2024! Join us at booth #226 from July 11th to 13th at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya, Trinidad and Tobago. Immerse yourself in our theme, ‘The World is a Stage, Spotlight on You” and experience the magic of theatre firsthand.

Discover the vibrant history and modern evolution of Queen’s Hall. Engage in interactive theatrical activities and get a taste of the performing arts. Queen’s Hall at TIC 2024—because the world is a stage, and you are part of the performance.”

Visit Queen’s Hall at booth #226 | TIC 2024 | July 11-13 | Centre of Excellence, Macoya, Trinidad and Tobago.”